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Content Writing

If you are in the education sector, you will know how crucial it is to have content that is both informative and presented in a way that grabs your audience’s attention, whether they are children or adults.

That’s where I come to your rescue!

I produce science education content that is tailored to your goals and reflects your brand voice. I help professionals across the science education spectrum including:

• Schools
• Universities
• Publishers
• Museums
• Charities
• STEM companies

Work for a charity or non-profit organisation? Get in touch and ask about my special, reduced rates!

I can help you if you have a detailed brief or if you need some ‘inspiration’ for your content. I write for both child and adult audiences in the form of:

• Articles and journal papers
• Training materials
• Books and book chapters
• Blog posts
• Course guides
• Prospectuses
• Web pages

Not seen your project listed above? Send me a message and I’ll let you know how I can help you.




A simple conversation to discuss your requirements and budget. This can be done over the phone on Skype or via email.



A detailed brief for the job is created and agreed upon including due date and fees.



I create your copy, keeping you updated on progress and clarifying any further information needed as required.



For larger projects, revision and refining will take place at this point.



Receive your copy, on brief and on time.



Invoice is raised and payment made with 14 days.


A copywriter produces ‘copy’, which basically means any written material. They are able to write not only accurate information but tailor the tone and style of the copy to the desired audience.

I am able to create a wide-range of written copy including, but not limited to; teaching/training materials, non-fiction books, articles, blog posts, website content, press releases and email sequences.

I am based in Oxfordshire, England but, as most of my work can be completed remotely, I am able to work with clients all over the world.

Depending on the project I work to either a fixed-rate fee or an hourly fee.

Fees will be agreed in advance and I am happy to help you find a way to work with a small budget.

Work will be invoiced with payment required within 14 days of invoicing.

Payments need to be paid by BACS. Cheque payments can only be accepted when paying in advance in full.

For some larger projects a 50% advance payment may be required.

It is very simple. You can send me an email at:

Or you can use the contact form on the website.

You can also find me over on Linkedin.  

YES! If you are a charity or non-profit organisation then I will be very happy to work with you at a super-competitive rate.

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